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How do I go abroad for medical studies? 

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IMs also afford physicians the opportunity to learn about the delivery of health care abroad and are associated with an increase in primary care specialty choice. SummaryIt is time for the leaders in graduate medical education to prioritize international health opportunities.

The authors propose a paradigm for rigorous scientific assessment of study abroad programs, with the focus being on how study abroad experiences affect psychological constructs as opposed to looking solely at study-abroad-related outcomes.

Patients who received medical care abroad (whatever the country) should be screened for CPE at admission.

The patient should generally be able to go abroad for treatment at the expense of their national health authority.

from the survey indicated that “competent doctors”, “high quality medical treatment facility”, and “prompt medical treatment when needed” where the top three factors before deciding whether or not to take a trip abroad.

They could go abroad; but in light of the UK's treatment of overseas doctors they should not count on too warm a welcome.

The findings are as follows: First, it is unclear how study-abroad programs provide students with opportunities to attain knowledge and skills.