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How do I make my Terraria server less laggy? 

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Moreover, EEDOS is capable of performing more successful task offloading and requires less edge server resources.

Experimental results show that the expected server streaming rate can be reduced by up to 83% compared to an I-frame-only structure, at less than twice the storage required.

Our experiments show that the optimal buffer allocation shifts to placing more memory at the server as the server has progressively less information about future frame sizes.

We also show that multipath TCP outperforms laggy centralized flow scheduling without needing centralized control or additional infrastructure.

Data center networking with multipath TCP
20 Oct 2010  93 citations

The simulation results shows AWC cost less network bandwidth for state tracking between server and caches.

This combination requires less server bandwidth than all fixed start point periodic broadcast algorithms.

Experimental results also show that the server-side I/O coordination scheme has good scalability.