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How do I report a scam to cyber cell? 

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The results indicate a noteworthy prevalence (45%) of cyber victims.

Results showed a successful detection of cyber events.

Phase-Space Detection of Cyber Events
07 Apr 2015  10 citations

One approach that appears to elongate the life of the scam is when the scammer interacts a lot with their victims, such as by posting more than a quarter of the comments in the related thread.

Analyzing the Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Ecosystem
26 Feb 2018  50 citations

But while the scam may have originated from Nigeria, it appears that it may no longer be operationally restricted to that country.

It is noted that the Internet scam boom in Nigeria is not so much consequent upon a lack of regulation as within enforcement of the existing relevant penal law.

This analysis expands our understanding of the psychology behind the scam letter format and suggests means to further combat email fraud.

The results of this research bear significant ramifications to the current state of scam and cyber crime classification, research and analysis, as well as offer significant insight into the business processes and applications adopted by scammers and cyber-criminals.