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How do I run a SQL script in redshift? 

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We propose a new empirical redshift indicator for gamma-ray bursts.

Finally, reconstruction can improve the determination of Ω and b from joint analyses of redshift and peculiar velocity surveys because it provides a fully nonlinear prediction of the peculiar velocity distribution at each point in redshift space.

These results have strong implications for the analysis of redshift surveys at intermediate redshift.

A smooth symmetrical rotation and expansion curve coupled with the multiple redshift model is sufficient to account for all the redshift data.

We show that the redshift distribution of our sample is in excellent agreement with smaller and much deeper photometric and spectroscopic redshift surveys.

We find that detecting a model dependence in the cluster redshift distribution is a significant challenge.

Our analysis proves that photometric redshift techniques can and must be used to extend the range of applicability of the spectroscopic redshift measurements.