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How do you train artificial neural networks? 

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This technique will allow to train artificial neural networks; identify effective measures to improve the performance of artificial neural networks.

In order to yield better results Artificial Neural Networks need to have an optimal architecture and be trained in a suitable way.

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are systems that can learn.

This will be easy, because there are currently quite a few ready-made computer programs, easily available, which allow their user to quickly and effortlessly create artificial neural networks, run them, train and use in practice.

Artificial neural networks (ANN), have shown to be an effective, general-purpose approach for pattern recognition, classification, clustering, and prediction.

Hence, they are well suited to the problem of training and optimize weights of Artificial Neural Networks.

This training set can also guarantee effective learning andcomprehension of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

As a result, the artificial neural networks are able to predict the behavior of the system with good accuracy in each scenario.

It illustrates how neural network concepts can be integrated into traditional artificial intelligence course material.

Neural networks and artificial intelligence
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