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How hard is it to change your social? 

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It provides a practical and strategic tool that social marketers can apply when approaching behaviour change that leverages midstream actors as part of the social change solution.

This paper argues that there is currently a need for new theory on transformative social innovation that is able to provide empowering insights to practice, especially in terms of how social innovation interacts with transformative change processes.

According to hypotheses, it is found that the more people perceive social change as numerous and negative, the more they experience social collective relative deprivation.

This challenges social entrepreneurship scholars to acknowledge the political mileage of social entrepreneurial rationalities toward social change.

This study contributes to our understanding of social identities and organizational change by illustrating how organizational change may have activated latent social identity faultlines.

Finally, we point to future research and suggest when it is most appropriate to use a norm change strategy in the interest of behavior and social change.

The present research contributes to our understanding of how advantaged group members come to engage in social change efforts.