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How many pillars of sustainable development are there? 

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Consequently, the foundations on which these systems are based need to be further developed and enhanced to be of real relevance in poorer nations by balancing the weight of sustainable pillars, incorporating effective management guidelines and development goals set by United Nations declarations, and considering impacts beyond the single project framework.

A more holistic systematic investigation of synergy of all the three pillars/bottom lines of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) can be an opportunity for further research.

Through a schematic representation of the relationships of the three pillars of sustainable development the paper concludes that a lasting solution to the impact of globalization on sustainable development can be crafted when current debate shifts from theory to the development of strategies to sustain development.

This paper suggests that a well-founded 'theory of sustainable development' provides the distinctiveness that allows the assessment whether or not there is progress towards sustainability.

The sustainable development (hereafter, S. D.)

The sustained implementation of sustainable development depends on it.

The results of this research also illustrate the complexity of measuring sustainable development, where multiple sustainability criteria and targets are considered.