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How many robotic arms does Doctor Octopus have? 

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Our modeling suggests that the octopus arm biomechanics may allow independent control of kinematics and resistance to perturbation during arm extension movements.

Results show that the skin artefact developed has similar mechanical properties as the real octopus skin and satisfies all the design specifications of the OCTOPUS robot.

The model qualitatively reproduces the typical velocity profiles of octopus reaching movements, suggesting a simple control mechanism for bend propagation in the octopus arm.

A carefully configured system with multiple surgical robotic arms will enhance the interactive performance of the two surgeons.

We propose that this strategy reduces the immense redundancy of the octopus arm movements and hence simplifies motor control.

3 An octopus can learn to attack a square of 4 cm.

A total of 1,582 consecutive Octopus patients were entered, representing the entire Octopus experience of each surgeon.