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How many types of software developer are there? 

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The interaction of the developer and the environment provides explanatory power above and beyond either of the factors separately, suggesting that studies examining strain and performance of developers should explicitly consider and measure the cognitive style fit between the software developer and the software development environment.

This study may help us to predict which types are more likely to complete a degree in software engineering.

Our results indicate that connections in the developer network are statistically associated with the collaborators whom the developers named.

Our findings reveal the capabilities of developer-based metrics in identifying classes of a software system more likely to be changed in the future.

These analyses indicate significant differences between group types and thereby provide valuable insights on how to effectively organize collaborative software development.

Results from this research demonstrate that many factors are reality for those involved in global software development.

This paper argues that existing large-scale software developer surveys are inadequate for measuring the relative importance of these three factors.