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How many years course of software engineering? 

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A new software engineering educational model is proposed in order to more efficiently close the gap between industry software engineering needs and academic software engineering education.

The fact that there is a steadily increasing number of software engineering degree programs in colleges and universities throughout the world indicates that a greater (although still far from unanimous) acceptance of software engineering as a separate discipline of study.

This report is unique and valuable, especially for software engineering education, which goes beyond the discipline-specific limits of computer science curricula.

The results of the course show that this type of software engineering course gives students a more realistic experience than traditional software engineering courses.

This paper suggests specific areas of business competencies that should be integrated into the software engineering curriculum.

Key findings showed that the universities viewed software engineering largely as a specialization of computer science, that faculty size is generally small with few dedicated professors, and that new master's programs continue to start despite the decrease in computer science majors over the past few years.

We identify a number of skills that every software engineering student and faculty should have learned, and also propose that education for future software engineers should include significant exposure to real systems, preferably through hands-on training via internships at software-producing firms.