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How much do lung doctors make an hour? 

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Further studies are needed to explore how best the work-hours of doctors could be adjusted to improve their job satisfaction.

Computed histograms make possible a detailed quantitative impression of lung function.

As policies for implementing lung screening programs are designed, a focus on multidisciplinary programs (incorporating primary care doctors, pulmonologists, radiologists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, and pathologists) will be helpful to optimize decision-making and minimize interventions for patients with benign lung disease.

Using this algorithm, doctors will have additional help in early lung cancer detection and early treatment.

Our survey conducted on budding doctors surprisingly showed that undergraduate medical students smoke so much.

We believe it would bring much value for routine lung cancer diagnosis in CT imaging and provide improvement in decision-support with much lower cost.

In the absence of standardised methods for doctors, we recommend a strategy that combines both lung function tests and chest imaging.