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How much rice can a diabetic eat in one day? 

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Diabetic patients must be informed to include brown rice in their diet.

Equi-calorie (132 kcal) quantity comparison of rice (100 g) and bread (50 g) showed a much lower glycemic and insulinemic impact on rice in diabetic individuals, even though quantity is double and satiety level reaches earlier than low moisture food bread in equi-calorie quantity.

So, diabetics patient can start practice to have a proper diet by choosing rice with high amylose content such us Basmati rice and brown rice.

These findings support the conclusion that a rice bran oil-containing diet can significantly suppress hyperlipidemic and hyperinsulinemic responses in diabetic rats.

These results indicate that 3% milled-rice has beneficial effects on blood glucose level and serum lipid concentrations in spontaneously non-insulin-dependent diabetic rats.

Oxidative stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetic complications, and can be increased by diet like white rice (WR).

Therefore, it is recommended thatpeople should eat mixed white rice to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Equi-quantity of rice exerts a much lower glycemic and insulinemic response in comparison with bread in both normal and diabetic individuals and the response to rice does not show a proportional increase even when the quantities are doubled.

Rice having lower glycemic and insulinemic impact is a better suited food for diabetic individuals who already have a compromised insulin status.

Thus, intake of pre-germinated brown rice may have a beneficial effect in the treatment of diabetes, in particular diabetic neuropathy.