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How much zinc is in a serving of chickpeas? 

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Significant differences in tissue zinc concentrations were obtained between fish fed different amounts of zinc, the metal concentrations being higher in tissues of fish fed diet C. The tissue decrease of zinc, found at the end of the experiment, may depend on a lower feed consumption or on different zinc requirements during the cold season.

It is concluded that dietary organic zinc is more effective in increasing the skin zinc concentration, and improving skin quality of broilers than inorganic zinc.

The results showed a significant effect of dietary zinc supplementation level on zinc status in fish for both zinc forms.

The data show that food intake is a determinant of the daily variations in plasma zinc.

Results of our study show that organic zinc sources have effects comparable to inorganic zinc sulphate in broilers fed diets containing a higher Zn content.

In conclusion, the present experiment showed that zinc sulphate and zinc gluconate are equally efficient as zinc supplements in salmon feeds within the concentrations normally found in salmon feed.

Zinc absorption in humans could be improved by zinc complexation with gluconate.