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How often do you need to replace Kidde smoke detectors? 

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The sensors are best for combination with other techniques, such as smoke detectors.

This is critical in scenarios where traditional smoke detectors cannot be installed.

The results of these experiments show that the smoke detectors, especially the ionization detector, are sensitive to cooking fumes and nuisance alarms are easy to happen.

However, the learning of smoke representation in the detectors will be restricted by the appearance gap between real and synthetic smoke samples, which will cause a significant performance drop.

Whereas the self-reported prevalence of home smoke detectors is high in our study population, other fire safety practices are suboptimal.

Alarm algorithms utilizing ionization detector smoke measurements proved to be more effective than measurements from photoelectric detectors.

The current alarm algorithm resulted in better overall performance than the commercial smoke detectors, by providing both improved nuisance source immunity with generally equivalent or faster response times.