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How often should you replace CO detectors? 

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These results prove that germanium coaxial detectors having the conventional electrode configuration should not be used in any situation subject to significant radiation damage.

CO detectors with audible alarms were effective in alerting the potential victims of CO poisoning to its presence.

Within the areas that must be protected, the spacing of detectors (or alternatively, number of detectors) should be based on risk.

Despite its limitations, this tool may calibrate the positive impact of CO detectors on the prevention of CO-related deaths.

The performance of correlation detectors is often compromised by the presence of short duration, high-amplitude signals, which influence excessively the value of the CC.

The implementation of safer standards for residential heating systems and CO detectors together with the public education may explain the decline in the incidence of CO poisoning.

With accurate data available, the method should offer a simple and accurate way of calculating peak efficiencies for germanium detectors.