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How old is the actress who plays Trinity in the Matrix? 

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The momentous copulating of Trinity and Neo in Matrix Reloaded, I argue, offers both the characters and cinemagoers the promise of the birth of freedom from the white loins of the characters.

She concludes that Edwards employed both the psychological and social models of the trinity.

The actress, who played opposite Gregory Peck in Hitchcock’s The Paradine Case and Orson Welles in Carol Reed’s The Third Man, seems not to belong entirely or easily to any of the categories elaborated by the volume’s editors, Alastair Phillips and Ginette Vincendeau, or their authors.

The teaching of the Holy Trinity should lead to the glory of God and a seeking of the communion of the Three Persons.

Chapter Eleven. The Holy Trinity
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The first is that the social understanding of the Trinity seems to offer a way of taking conventional Christian doctrine seriously whilst avoiding the obscurity and mystification of metaphysical conceptions.

Partition trinity and trinity algebra efficiently give the information dependence between inputs, states, and outputs within a triple of partitions, and they serve as a powerful tool to the full-decompositions of machines.

The specific social purposes and contexts of the senders are revealed by cross-reading the images themselves with the private messages on the backs, suggesting that, once outside the industrial framing of theatre or the dramatic one of specific roles, the actress operated as a multiply signifying icon within mass culture – with the desires and consumer power of women major factors in the consumption of the glamour actress card.