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How old was Keanu in The Matrix Reloaded? 

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However, it was not as conducive as PEEKOH for improving the matrix properties.

The momentous copulating of Trinity and Neo in Matrix Reloaded, I argue, offers both the characters and cinemagoers the promise of the birth of freedom from the white loins of the characters.

A loss of matrix macromolecules was not seen, possibly because the period between cell death and surgery was too short, as compared with long matrix turnover times.

We argue that many of the old results can be carried over to this new setting and that the original claims about the deformed matrix model are essentially correct.

A reduction in residual stress magnitudes of both the matrix and reinforcement was observed after the sample was cooled into liquid nitrogen and heated back to room temperature, which is believed to be caused by plastic deformation of the matrix in low temperature treatment.

Using C0t analyses, it was found that the complexity of matrix DNA was the same as that of total nuclear DNA, indicating that matrix DNA does not represent any specific sequence class.

These findings demonstrate that the accumulation of extracellular matrix is important in the increase in lesion size after reinjury and that a balance of matrix synthesis and degradation may explain why no change in matrix volume was detected until 28 days after the reinjury.

Finally, we prove that all compact Cauchy matrices could be modified into an involution compact Cauchy matrix, and show how to maximize the occurrences of entry “1” in a compact Cauchy matrix.