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How old was Keanu Reeves when Matrix was released? 

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However, it was not as conducive as PEEKOH for improving the matrix properties.

A loss of matrix macromolecules was not seen, possibly because the period between cell death and surgery was too short, as compared with long matrix turnover times.

The most rapid matrix deposition occurred during the later days of exposure when the rate of collagen synthesis was decreasing, suggesting that the presence of a pre-existing matrix is important for further collagen accumulation.

For seven of the eight matrices tested, statistically significant matrix effects were observed, indicating that, for accurate quantitative analysis, matrix-matched calibration was necessary.

However, the log of the matrix diffusion coefficient was more highly-correlated with the log of matrix permeability than with matrix porosity, which suggests that matrix diffusion coefficients, like matrix permeabilities, have a greater dependence on the interconnectedness of matrix porosity than on the matrix porosity itself.