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How should learning experience be designed and implemented? 

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The advantages of experience-based learning which includes hands-on activities and on-site learning should be empowered.

Through contextual learning model, the learning experience is not only the case and held when someone students are in class, but it is much more important than that is how to bring the learning experience out of the classroom, which is when he is required to respond to and solve real problems faced day-to- day.

Konsep pembelajaran kontekstual di sekolah
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If implemented, these new ideas could drastically improve the educational model, allowing students the world over to participate in a learning experience specific to their immediate and local context.

Reflection on experience was found to be essential for making learning explicit.

Through the system, learning experience can be improved.

The study illustrates five basic elements to learning and presents evidence to show how problems associated with the learning experience may be improved.