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How to activate sleep mode in noise Colorfit Pro 2 Oxy? 

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We concluded that these results indicated that a silent environment is required to maintain the duration of rapid-eye-movement sleep, even though rapid-eye-movement sleep is stable and is not influenced easily by noise.

All measured noise levels were high during both periods, which could contribute to sleep disturbance, and the implementation of guidelines significantly lowers some important noise levels.

Under the conditions investigated, different sleep parameters show different sensitivities, but also different specificities for noise-induced sleep disturbances.

This inexpensive, objective and non-invasive method facilitates large-scale field studies on the effects of traffic noise on sleep.

Simulation results show that the effect of power saving class I sleep mode varies depending on different parameter configurations.

Although research evidence on noise and sleep disturbance show to be sufficient for establishing dose response curves for sleep disturbance in countries where studies were performed, further research is needed with particular attention to vulnerable groups, other noise sources, development of laboratory research work and common methodology in assessment of burden of diseases from environmental noise.

Predictions of sleep disturbance due to aircraft noise should not be based on over-simplifications of the findings of the reviewed studies, and these reports should be treated with caution in developing regulatory policy for aircraft noise.

Inhibition-related ERPs may be more sensitive indicators of moderate sleep disturbances caused by noise than performance measures.

The equivalent noise level seems to be a suitable predictor for subjectively evaluated sleep quality but not for physiological sleep disturbances.

This suggests that this method is a useful tool to measure the sleep disturbance caused by noise under well-controlled conditions.

The results suggest that alterations of subjective evaluation of sleep were determined by physical parameters of the noise but modified by individual factors like noise sensitivity.

Although the present findings do not resemble those of laboratory studies of noise‐induced sleep interference, they are in good agreement with the results of other field studies.