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How to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles? 

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The study provides a physical approach for quantifying the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from an autonomous electric vehicle, and can support the sustainable development and deployment of autonomous electric vehicle technologies in future.

The inputoutput model can also be used to determine the changes in the relative composition of greenhouse gas emissions due to exogenous inflows.

The results show that for greenhouse gas emissions, the accuracy of emission inventory varies in different sectors.

If growing personal vehicle demand is met with conventional cars, the increase in greenhouse gas emissions will be substantial.

The work presented in this paper demonstrates that different subgroups in the population described by various economic and demographic characteristics have different levels of greenhouse gas emissions from personal automotive transportation.

The results illustrated the difference of greenhouse gas emissions between efficient and inefficient units.

Moreover, these results are shown to arise for a significant and empirically relevant range of parameters for the case of greenhouse gas emissions.