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How to change your email on Rockstar Social Club without password? 

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We further identify a few simple tricks users often employ to transform a basic password between sites which can be used by an attacker to make password guessing vastly easier.

The Tangled Web of Password Reuse
01 Jan 2014  363 citations

The proposed scheme enables one user to choose his password freely in the registration phase and easily change it as needed.

's scheme to two simple attacks and presents an improved protected password change scheme to resolve such problems.

In this paper, we propose two novel graphical password methods based on recognition of icons to solve the hotspot problem without decreasing the password space.

The proposed scheme also provides user anonymity using a dynamic identity and key agreement, and secure password change.

This is obviously superior to the password because it removes the burden on the user's memory.

The correctly entered password appears to be random and can only be derived with the knowledge of the full set of password objects.