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How to clear browser cache in Robot Framework? 

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In addition, our new policy can dynamically separate the whole cache into a dirty cache and a clean cache, according to the characteristics of the workload, to decrease storage writes.

Our results show that significant caching gains can be achieved in practice; 8 to 10 times increase in the cache hit ratio from cache-aware recommendations, and an extra 2 times increase from caching optimization.

Third, the GUI provides a front-end to a simple Web proxy cache simulation program, which can be used in studies of Web proxy cache performance and cache filter effects.

In order to ensure efficient cache utilisation, it is important to take into consideration the location and movement direction of mobile clients when performing cache replacement.

We demonstrate how the indirect cache-sharing effects of mixed workloads can be tamed by automatically altering some instructions to better manage cache resources.

We propose a novel cache scheme called SOCR (Social Online Cache Refreshing) for identifying and refreshing cache entries.

As a result, the mobile computer may miss some cache invalidation reports broadcast by a server, forcing it to discard the entire cache contents after waking up.

In this paper, we propose a scheme to efficiently maintain cache freshness.

This paper presents a powerful framework to simulate Web proxy cache systems.

In this paper we argue for the design of delay-conscious cache replacement algorithms which explicitly consider the Web's scale by preferentially caching documents which require a long time to fetch to the cache.

Our policies incur a negligible impact on the baseline's cache hit rate, in contrast with traditional age-based invalidation, which must severely reduce the cache performance in order to achieve the same freshness.

Caching for realtime search
18 Apr 2011  16 citations

We also show that laptop devices have more intelligent browser caching capabilities.

Firstly, increasing the cache size of the browser on smartphones will not improve the effectiveness of the browser cache very much.

How effective is mobile browser cache
19 Sep 2011  18 citations

Secondly, revalidations greatly reduce the effectiveness of the browser cache.

How effective is mobile browser cache
19 Sep 2011  18 citations

This technique is complimentary to the operations of Web browser and proxy server caching.

Test results show that MARS consistently outperforms existing cache replacement policies and significantly improves mobile clients' cache hit ratio.