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How to develop your networking skills? 

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Networking can be a complementary factor in situations where cooperation and networking are needed to achieve economies of scale and/or to merge and integrate diverse skills, technologies and competencies.

We conclude by showing how women can use networking to enhance career and personal development.

On the other hand, networking with companies and networking between training participants will allow us to recognize the importance of demonstrating their diverse skills as a key element to create a successful Startup or to implement the activities of a reality already consolidated.

Hackathon Public Health.
01 Nov 2017Clinica Terapeutica      9 citations

Practical implications – The study highlights the importance of internal networking and the value of training managers in networking skills.

Not only they can acquire practical skills during the process, they are able to better understand the abstract networking concepts and protocols through their working experience with the personal computer networks.

We argue that TTC boundary spanners need to leverage on both technical skills and networking competences.

Thus, anyone with a good understanding of networking in general can easily understand how the simulations are constructed.

The Georgia Tech Network Simulator
25 Aug 2003  317 citations