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How to display system information on your desktop? 

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The system in its current stage of development is able to distinguish regions at least on the level of desktop icons.

And it provides a uniform way to access and display a heterogeneous set of archived information characterizing system control.

Further, we create two novel applications, Screen Search and Screen Copy, to demonstrate how PAX can be applied to development of desktop-level interactive systems.

To a reasonable extent, desktop management can be custom-tailored to individual environments, without modifying the base system and typically without affecting applications.

The X window system
01 Apr 1986ACM Transactions on Graphics      967 citations

In this way it is possible to present the same information in various ways depending on the user profile and the possible technical restrictions of the display device.

The utility of the system is further extended by enabling a variety of graphical and text-based interactions with the information display.

The results clearly demonstrate the inadequacy of standard desktop display systems in the framework of diagnostic radiology.