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How to draw inferences in Python? 

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The evidence illustrates how an understanding of the authentic problem being solved, collecting their own data to become acquainted with the situation, and learning to coordinate individual and aggregate views on data sets seemed to support these students in learning to draw inferences that make sense in the context.

Second, we show how this approach can be used to draw inferences from a wide range of animal models using the computer package Winbugs.

We propose a novel type inference technique for Python programs.

Our extracted models could go a far way in helping the Python community to quickly understand decision-making processes in Python.

Exploring decision-making processes in Python
01 Jun 2016  15 citations

They offer a framework in which the meaning representation of a word can be computed from its context, but the question remains how they support inferences.

In the end, the types of cases you select determine which inferences you can draw.

Our results suggest that instructors might consider teaching students how to draw inferences in both text and diagrams.