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How to get freelance software development jobs? 

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Our results show a surprising presence of small businesses, particularly consultants and freelance developers.

This brilliant mass collaboration approach allows companies to generate solutions from freelance professionals who get paid only if you utilize their ideas.

Understanding the determinants of CS will also help Pakistani information technology freelancers involved in web development projects and services to increase their project performance, improve their CS rate and increment client following.,This presents the first study on the determinants of CS in web development projects from freelance marketplaces.

Our results show a wide variety in the kinds of companies undertaking software development, employing a wide range of software development techniques.

This paper proposes an agile procurement process that can operate in conjunction with an agile software development methodology to improve many aspects of software project delivery.

So, this study concludes that the five major determinates do affect CS in web development projects from freelance marketplaces.,This research is limited only to the top freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, Envato Studio, etc.

Moreover, it was concluded that increasingly diverse skills will be needed from Software Engineers in transformation towards market-driven software development processes.