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How to not fall in love? 

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To not fall in love, it is important to understand the limitations and potential pitfalls of romantic love ^[Munro R]. Merely dismissing the idea of love as "not-self" without experiencing it can lead to longing and attachment ^[Munro R]. Additionally, it is crucial to engage in intelligent living and eliminate the attachment to objects and desires that may be associated with love ^[Munro R]. This involves recognizing that external factors, such as money or material possessions, do not define one's self-worth or happiness ^[Munro R]. By cultivating a mature perspective and focusing on personal growth and self-realization, one can reduce the inclination to fall in love and instead prioritize a fulfilling and constructive lifestyle ^[Munro R].

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The paper does not provide information on how to not fall in love.
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22 Jun 2000-Nursing times
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To not fall in love, one must first try and understand the limitations of romantic love through personal experience.
The provided text does not contain any information or guidance on how to not fall in love.
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The text does not provide any information on how to not fall in love.
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Alexandre Le Tiec, Marc Casals 
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The given text does not provide any information or guidance on how to not fall in love.

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