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How to remove a surface mount transistor? 

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The defects generated in the base region of the transistor by displacement damage appear to be responsible for transistor gain degradation.

The beneficial effects of this surface modification on transistor performance are often significantly greater than those of other silane self-assembled monolayers (SAMs).

Furthermore, we show that our surface treatment results in superior transistor performance.

Junctionless transistor is a very promising candidate for future nano scale MOSFET device.

Junctionless transistor: a review
01 Jan 2013  8 citations

It is concluded that little practical use of conductive adhesives in surface mount has been found.

Excellent transistor characteristics were confirmed even after the surface modification, ensuring validity of the modification procedure herein developed.

We show that a {110}‐oriented surface exhibits less surface effect than a randomly oriented surface on average and, consequently, it is more desirable for thin‐film transistor applications.