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How to track sleep in noise Colorfit NAV? 

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Soundscapes provide new analytical methods and a broader, more comprehensive appreciation of the aural environment, which may have a useful role in understanding noise-induced sleep disturbance and annoyance.

Finally, the features of noise and movement were useful to infer sleep quality.

The difficulties in assessing the effect of noise on sleep are particularly obvious if we consider another finding: deaf subjects spend significantly less time in delta sleep than do control subjects47 and they present sleep pattern alterations remarkably similar to those which are most consistently described in noisy conditions.

This inexpensive, objective and non-invasive method facilitates large-scale field studies on the effects of traffic noise on sleep.

Our experimental results show that our approach can track a richer set of sleep events, provide better decision support for evaluating sleep quality, and help to identify causes for sleep problems compared to prior work.

The results suggest that alterations of subjective evaluation of sleep were determined by physical parameters of the noise but modified by individual factors like noise sensitivity.