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How will perovskite change the future? 

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However, the instability of perovskite materials caused by moisture and heat-induced degradation impairs future prospects of using these materials.

Provided that the stability of the perovskite-based technology can be proven, we will witness the emergence of a contender for ultimately low-cost solar power.

This will promote the stability and sustainable development of the perovskite device.

This work makes it possible to stabilize the perovskite precursors for a long-term period, and will significantly benefit the potential mass-production of this emerging photovoltaic technology.

These results will provide a new avenue for fabricating commercial perovskite solar cells.

We believe that knowledge of degradation science is what will ultimately push perovskite solar cell modules from promi...

This study offers a clear understanding of the perovskite properties and how they can be modulated by compositional engineering.