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In which hand of a mobile station can communicate with two base station at the same time? 

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Simulation results show that our scheme significantly reduces handoff delay and imposes a very light overhead on the base station.

A fast handoff scheme for IP over Bluetooth
10 Dec 2002  24 citations

We have show that the proposed handoff algorithm can significantly improve the handoff successful rate when the mobile relay station changes its moving patterns.

The results have shown that interference alignment is underperforming with respect to the baseline using base station coordination, when a realistic number of base stations is considered.

These results extend previous findings on spatiotemporal base station cooperation that only applied to the typical user in a cellular network.

The benefits of base-station cooperation via multicell processing over the conventional single site processing approach is also demonstrated for both protocols.

The simulation results showed that the proposed model is more efficacious in decreasing the handover time delay by skipping unwanted base station according to their angles.

The simulation results show that the algorithm enables the finding of a near optimal solution of base station placement, and it determines the efficient number of base stations.

The results show that the optimal base station location is closer to the major interference area.