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Is a radar detector illegal in RI? 

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This detector offers better performance by exploiting the inherent low-rank structure when the transmitted signals are a weighted periodic summation of several identical waveforms (amplitude and phase modulation), as is the case with commercial digital illuminators as well as noncooperative radar.

It is shown that the radar has a potential ability in imaging objects placed in the near range.

We think this radar system is useful in various security issues.

Thus, a different viewpoint to analyse radar detection problems is suggested.

A comparison between radar and photography indicates that radar performed surprisingly well in crop discrimination in western Kansas and warrants further study.

Despite the limited effectiveness of amplitude as a radar discriminant, through the clever use of detection through tracking, the detection performance of the noncoherent radar is enhanced.

Cognitive radar networks
13 Dec 2005  69 citations

This situation can be clarified if the claim of radar being LPI radar is accompanied by a description of the various types of ES systems for which this claim applies.

Experimental results, conducted by the recorded radar data, show that the proposed detector outperforms the conventional detectors.

Using synthetic and real radar data, we evaluate its performance and we show that the proposed detector offers higher probability of detection for a specified value of probability of false alarm than tests based on Gaussian and Weibull models, especially for low signal to clutter ratios.