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Is Gili Islands open for tourists? 

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My argument is that islands can draw on up-market visitors to support sustainable tourism development as is demonstrated in French Polynesia and some of the ‘newer’ long-haul destinations in the Indian Ocean, which are competing for affluent visitors – according to Ioannides and Holcomb – with these Mediterranean islands.

This paper particularly demonstrates that the supply of water is the single most important limiting factor for sustainable tourism development for any small islands.

The distinctive nature of the islands gives rise to specific tourism-environment relationships which can be critical for small islands.

The successful experience on those islands can provide useful information for other islands for developing renewable energy.

Sustainable management of Gili Timur Island can be achieved by combining ecotourism and modification of fishing method.

The result showed that Gili Timur island has several potential marine resources in form of good quality of coral reef ecosystems, marine aquaculture (mariculture) and fishing.

The results indicate that Gili Matra Islands have a vulnerability status from low into moderate, ranging from 2.25 to 2.75.