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Is it illegal to have a radar detector in NYS? 

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In order to have a high detection rate and a low false-alarm rate, it is very important to identify unique pedestrian radar signatures.

It is shown that the passive radar system has the ability to detect commercial passenger aircraft at short ranges.

Thus, a different viewpoint to analyse radar detection problems is suggested.

Because radar measurements are not affected by clouds, radar is a valuable means to gather information in challenging, and even dangerous, environments spread over the entire Earth.

Thus, it can be investigated that a potential performance of radar-based localization.

It is shown that the radar has a potential ability in imaging objects placed in the near range.

This situation is unsatisfactory for engineers that have to decide whether a radar survey is suitable to solve their problem.

It is shown that FMCW radar is good for situations where a high resolution is needed at a short distance, such as the detection of flaws in building materials.

FMCW radar for hidden object detection
01 Aug 1988  33 citations