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Is Matrix shampoo bad? 

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Since the shampoo formulation investigated is emetic and does not penetrate the skin, there would appear to be no hazard associated with its use.

It demonstrated good froth stability, detergency, good cleansing, small bubble size, low surface strain, and execution of good conditioning. The physicochemical evaluation of the formulated shampoo showed ideal results.

Baby shampoo should be studied as an alternative to PI because it is a nonirritating, inexpensive mild detergent.

Shampoo therapy has much to offer the clinician.

The authors believe that it is important to reveal the pH value on the shampoo label, but studies are needed to establish the best pH range for both the scalp and the hair fiber's health.

In cases where the mode of poisoning is unclear, direct questioning about the use of home-made shampoo is warranted, in these cases the skin and particularly the scalp should be rinsed thoroughly as soon as possible.

The method is precise, robust, independent of the shampoo matrix and thus suitable for routine use, such as product quality control.