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Is turn signal relay and flasher the same thing? 

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It is found that if the relay operates in the sliding mode, continuous-time self-tuning and its relay version are equivalent.

Two-way relay transmission (TWRT) is more spectral efficient than direct transmission (DT) and one-way relay transmission (OWRT).

Is Two-Way Relay More Energy Efficient?
01 Dec 2011  49 citations

We show that the same instantaneous channel measurement can also be used for relay selection.

Simulation result shows that for same bit error probability, opportunistic relaying technique outperform the conventional random relay selection scheme.

Though they both fall under the same paradigm, there can be a remarkable difference between a fully-cooperative and a partially-cooperative relay node.

This in turn makes the relay sensitive to the effects of load current.

A comparison of the signal waveforms, in particular the differential and bias signals, has shown a very close correspondence between the signals attained from practical and theoretical models of the relay.

Both schemes can eliminate all self-interference in the idealistic case where the relay has perfect side information on the self-interference channel and signal.