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Is voltage stabilizer required for dishwasher? 

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Our analysis indicates convenience, and not the conservation of water and energy, is the main reason for owning a dishwasher in Greece.

An encouraging result is that Greeks are well informed and dedicated consumers of the low tariff electricity when using the dishwasher.

It was concluded that the voltage control via voltage stabilizer is effective to improve stability, especially in heavy load conditions.

The model allows for a choice of appropriate voltage stabilizers based on theoretical calculations only and can help to facilitate any experimental study for choosing appropriate voltage stabilizer additives.

Due to the fact that consumers tend to underestimate the loading capacity of their dishwasher and that the amount of soil found in dishwashers at home is lower than in the standard, the new approach focuses on lower amounts of dishware and soil to be cleaned in a dishwasher using the ‘automatic’ programme.

This would enhance the up to now limited information on dishwasher performance and consumption values due to testing only one programme with maximum load and soil.

The efficiency of the best new voltage stabilizer presented in this paper will exceed the ones previously published significantly.