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Is zinc poisoning reversible? 

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It was also found that the determination of zinc concentrations in liver or kidney tissue or stomach contents is not a reliable indicator of zinc phosphide poisoning.

This is a toxic amount of zinc that can produce serious complications.

Zinc and Macular Degeneration
01 Nov 1992Archives of Ophthalmology      7 citations

Chronic toxicity of zinc salt, zinc oxide and zinc powder was similar when based on total concentrations in the soil which again indicates that the pore water route of uptake is not the only route of exposure but that oral uptake is also important.

No haematological or biochemical evidence of zinc toxicity was detected during the period of zinc administration, but further studies of the long-term effects of zinc therapy are required.

These data clearly show the protective effects of zinc in animals subjected to organophosphate poisoning.

These findings suggest new uses for zinc supplementation, but they also reveal the potential risks of zinc therapy.

Immunobiology of zinc and zinc therapy.
01 Feb 1999Immunology Today      15 citations

The authors present a new model of zinc currents and zinc toxicity that offers expanded opportunities for zinc-selective therapeutic chelation interventions.