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What can a diabetic eat in the mornings? 

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Diabetic Nigerians often eat these processed legumes because they help reduce hyperglycemic stress while providing satiety effects.

Considering the special needs of diabetic patients and the possibility of hypoglycemia between the main meals, it is essential for these patients to eat something as a snack.

Therefore, the SDC porridge can be recommended as a suitable meal for diabetic patients.

Blood sugar in patients with T2D can improve quickly when patients eat significantly fewer dietary carbohydrates.

Therefore, fruits are good resources of anti-diabetic nutrients and a balanced diet rich in different fruits is recommended for diabetic patients and the pre-diabetic population.

These fruits are also a source of healthy nutrition among diabetic people who are very concerned about what to eat and what not to eat.

A multisectoral approach promoting healthier diets and increasing physical activity can help in slowing down the diabetic epidemic.

The A. iwayomogi, A. lancea, and T. mongolicum can be beneficial for the diabetic complications and damage from the lipid peroxidation. Key words: Compositae plants, diabetic rats, hypoglycemic effect

In conclusion, a moderate amount of alcohol can be taken with a meal without eliciting hypoglycaemia in non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects.

This information presents an alternative to diabetic subjects to live and eat more freely, by preventing the alteration of familiar and dining cultural habits.