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What can you do with a bachelor of agriculture? 

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Overall, female and male teachers of agriculture in Ohio are slightly satisfied with theirjobs and do not fiffer significantly.

This review suggests that those with responsibility for allocating assistance across sectors do not understand the crucial importance of agriculture at the early stages of development, because the urge to fund new approaches dominates decisions rather than judgment of what is needed and what is likely to be effective.

We posit that agriculture is linked to soils and natural processes, but that this provides little guidance on what sustainable agriculture should be.

The employability trend of Bachelor of Science Agriculture graduates was obtained to be high in the early years after graduation and decreases afterwards.

What emerges from this exercise is a picture that raises concern about future growth in Indian agriculture, and the welfare of the people who depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

As this science agriculture and the politics of research, it will really give you the good idea to be successful.

What you reap might be added in the past – with consequences for organic farmers’ production and earning.

These results suggest that larger farms can play an important role in increasing the sustainability of conventional agriculture, despite a common association of sustainable agriculture with small farms.

As a consequence, we argue that land use functions such as agriculture do not reach their full potential, despite the increasing enthusiasm for peri-urban and urban agriculture.