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What can you do with a substance abuse certification? 

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This article presents an innovative and empowering counseling approach for substance abuse treatment.

Clinical experience and initial programme evaluation results suggest that substance abuse and vocational rehabilitation goals can be effectively attained using this model of service delivery.

Addressing substance abuse problems in primary care is important.

Findings raise concerns about the scope and quality of clinical supervision available to substance abuse counselors.

However, it may be beneficial to refer patients with substance abuse related medical conditions to a provider also trained in addiction medicine.

Psycho-educational and skill-building programmes should be used to re-orient students about substance abuse.

Results support future work on SPs as teaching and evaluation tools in substance abuse counseling.

The authors suggest that enhanced experiential sessions, elective programs, and greater emphasis during the clinical years on issues relating to substance abuse are necessary for maintaining the desirable educational outcomes of a substance abuse management curriculum, and that an intensive program against a backdrop of curriculum reform is a useful model.