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What education is required to be an agricultural engineer? 

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This paper suggests among other things that agricultural education be vocationalised, girls/women empowerment, and productive agriculture seen as a national issue and overhauling of agricultural administrative machineries.

Including sustainable agriculture in the high school agricultural education curriculum would allow the agricultural education profession to become a partner in achieving the goals of a sustainable agriculture industry and at the same time enhance the scientiJic nature of the curriculum; however, research is needed to show the way.

Agricultural laboratories are considered a main component of secondary agricultural education, and are well suited to provide students with opportunities to develop problem–solving skills through experiential learning.

The findings indicated that employers in the agribusiness industry recognized the need for changes in the agricultural education curricula to include the inccorporation of an agriculturala industry option.

The competencies addressed by undergraduate agricultural education programs should be assessed so programs are effective in supplying a well-prepared agriculturaland natural resources-oriented workforce, and so human capital is optimized.

Survey results suggest methods to maximize professional education and training experiences relevant to agricultural exposures.

This study provides a model for benchmarking competencies and provides a taxonomy from which to study and understand/consider agricultural education competencies.