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What is double consciousness? 

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Double consciousness refers to a state of confliction experienced by black Americans due to racial prejudice and oppression, as introduced by W.E.B. Du Bois . It is the simultaneous awareness of one's own identity and the perception of how others view them, resulting in a divided sense of self. This concept provides valuable insights into understanding the black experience and the dynamics of black and white relations in America . Additionally, double consciousness has been explored in the context of self-formation and oppression beyond the Atlantic world, such as in the study of kathoey individuals in Thailand . It is used to analyze the division of self-formation between different societal norms and communities, leading to the experience of multiple veils and a sense of double consciousness .

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Double consciousness is a concept proposed by Du Bois that refers to the experience of African Americans in the United States who have a divided sense of self due to the internal conflict between their African heritage and their American identity.
The paper does not provide a clear definition of "double consciousness."
The paper does not provide a direct definition of double consciousness.
Double consciousness is not mentioned in the paper.
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Double consciousness is a state of confliction experienced by black Americans due to racial prejudice and oppression, as explained by W.E.B. Du Bois in "The Souls of Black Folk."

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