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What is the agriculture like in Bolivia? 

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In other words, more agricultural spending appears to be destined to where it is more needed in line with previous findings in other sectors in Bolivia.

However, given the current context in Bolivia, the prospects for reducing land degradation are not good

Fieldwork conducted in communities in highland Bolivia shows how resource extraction sustains and is sustained by “revolutionary narratives” in which the state—led by President Evo Morales—is configured as the protagonist of the plurinational era.

To minimize this gap, education and agricultural services should be made more accessible to female farmers in Bolivia.

In Bolivia, this complex mixture of underdevelopment and development is causing biodiversity loss.

These lessons from Bolivia have wider relevance for the governance of ecosystems affected by resource extraction.

To date they have been analysed separately, but this article shows that a comparison of the two in the context of Bolivia can prove highly productive.