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What is the name of the patented Bio culture used to digest biomass in India? 

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Biomass can be used as a feedstock.

Sorption-enhanced gasification
01 Jan 2013  12 citations

And the research reveals that India has large potential for bio mass feed stock from different sources.

Overall, it makes sense for a bio-based economy to use more of the world’s biomass for food, energy, and new industrial bio-products.

India has vast biomass resources and wasteland to support cultivation of bioenergy crops, the potential of that can be harnessed to resolve energy crisis.

This could be used within the framework of a bio-based economy that maximizes the utilization of biomass resources in a sustainable way.

This research is expected to be beneficial to the nation’s biomass industry in the development of biomass industry.

The present study reveals that about 650Mt/year of agricultural biomass is generated in India, while about one-third of this has been found to be surplus for energy applications.