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What is the period of pre existing disease cover in Star Health's Super surplus plan? 

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Therefore, it seems that a new classification is needed to cover new forms of the disease.

The risk of developing overt disease over the follow-up period is low.

While the debate cannot simply be reduced to whether “real” diseases should be covered by insurance and all other conditions should not, in the minds of many, a strong connection exists between what is considered a disease and what insurance should cover.

Pilot data are needed to plan resources based on the chronic disease burden in each community.

In this article, we show that, if the disease dynamics is regulated by super-infection, strain substitution may indeed occur even with perfect vaccination.

It is argued that the Ministry of Health's budget increase of 56% between 2003 and 2006 and the reductions in inequity are pay-back to research investments since the 1980s.

An early evaluation of CDHP expenditures and utilization reveals that the new health plan is a viable alternative to existing health plan designs.