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What is the principle behind the graphene computer chip? 

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A graphene-based device can help computer chips behave more like human brains by transmitting current across thread-like wires.

This defect-free principle can guide us to fabricate better graphene-based electrodes.

They also show that theBorn–Oppenheimer principle breaks down for doped graphene.

However, lithographic patterning methods applied to graphene can avoid the degree of chirality control and alignment issues typical of CNTs, and GNR devices and GNR interconnect can in principle be seamlessly obtained by patterning single graphene sheets, thus leading to monolithically device-interconnect structures.

The process of solution modification may provide a facile method to tailor the electrical properties of graphene on a chip for constructing carbon-based nanoelectronics.

The main advantages of the resulting Graphene-enabled Wireless Networks on-Chip (GWNoC) are twofold.

Graphene-enabled Wireless Networks-on-Chip
03 Jul 2013  7 citations

These results are encouraging for demonstrating a miniaturized, room-temperature quantum computer based on graphene.

As a result, this miniaturization strategy facilitates the on-chip integration of printed graphene MSCs to power emerging electronic devices.

Specifically, we suggest that exceptional conduction qualifies this graphene as a metal replacement for MEMS and advanced on-chip interconnects with ultimate scalability.

The demonstrated fully integrated artificial phononic graphene platform here constitutes a step towards on-chip quantum simulators of graphene and unique monolithic electro-acoustic integrated circuits.

Surface phononic graphene.
05 Sep 2016Nature Materials      67 citations