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What is the qualification for software engineering? 

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Additionally, the software measurement process, techniques and tools, measures for the requirements phase and standards are some of the preferred topics to be taught in software engineering programs.

This paper argues that the concept of modelling, and particularly of software system structures, is not being given sufficient attention within current sources that describe aspects of the software engineering curriculum.

This approach guarantees that skills are not just characterized in a broad and general manner, but rather they are specifically adapted to the domain of software engineering.

Software engineering body of skills (SWEBOS)
03 Apr 2014  34 citations

We don't really need software engineering in the narrow academic sense.

Will there ever be software engineering
01 Jan 1998IEEE Software      20 citations

This paper suggests specific areas of business competencies that should be integrated into the software engineering curriculum.

These codes indicate an awareness that a different sense of professionalism is required for Software Engineering to be a profession.

Software Engineering: A New Professionalism
01 Jan 1997  11 citations

Although there could be other dimensions to be considered in software engineering education, we believe that the proposed ones are very crucial as software engineering is evolving more rapidly than any other engineering discipline.