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What is the rate of star formation in the Milky Way? 

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This strongly suggests that star formation in the Milky Way is a dynamic process on GMC scales.

Our results are consistent with observed galaxy stellar mass functions, specific star formation rates (SSFRs), and cosmic star formation rates (CSFRs) from z = 0 to z = 8.

The results for the star formation rate agree with recent observational data on early-type galaxies.

Our star formation rate (SFR) agrees well with those obtained by using other independent methods and seems to rule out a constant SFR.

the specific star formation rates in the host galaxies are generally consistent with those of normal star-forming (main sequence) galaxies; 2.)

We also show that the surface star formation rate profile of the Milky Way correlates well with the molecular gas surface density profile.

This has important implications for the determination of star formation rates in high-redshift galaxies.